Monday, February 25, 2008

Making Money Online

I can’t hardly believe my self that there are a lot of opportunities in life of making money.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


GMA-7 now airs the Coffee Prince TV series in the Philippines which is a 2007 hit coming from Korea.

The gist of the show is that, Arthur, the manager of the Coffee Prince, fell in love with one of his employee Andy.

Arthur doesn’t know form the start that Andy is really a girl. Arthur is holding back his feeling towards Andy where the latter according to him is a boy as it is not proper to fall in love with the same sex.

Andy don’t have the nerve to tell the truth as she might be fired by Arthur once he knew that she (Andy) is a girl one, where it is the Policy of the Coffee Shop to accept only male workers.

To fast forward, in the end Arthur knew the whole truth about Andy, where a lovely night had passed between them as the two could not hide any longer their feelings, and they lived happily ever after…

Just like coffee, if not taken with moderation has its down side or adverse effect.

The Disturbing side of Coffee Prince.

The bad side of the story is that, for me, as I think, it is inappropriate for any man or to men to watch it. Unless you have the tendency of what Arthur would be as you watch the show. It is really in appropriate to fall in love with the same sex. Although it is just a story for the sake of entertainment, but it is really inappropriate to any man especially to younger boys out there who happened or might watch the show. They might have the impression that it is okey or normal to love or have a relationship with same sex…

What if Andy was not really a girl?

In the story, Arthur, at some point of the story, accepted that he can’t any longer hide his feeling for Andy and that it seems now he is willing to show his love for Andy, where he knows at that point that Andy is a boy. Waaaahhhh, not good! Arthur would be a gay.

It show or the story impliedly promotes same sex relationship….

At the start of the show I love to watch it. But when I realized that point I have no more plans to patronize watching it. The ending is predictable.

Just think if you are a man, what if Andy was never really a girl. Would you do the same just like Arthur did? Not unless you got the tendency….

If you have a son, don’t let them watch that show…