Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Show and Share with Acobay

Here is the latest social networking site called acobay. It social networking site allowing you to share and connect with people from across the world, who shares the same interest, hobbies, and adventures. Just show it and willd share it.

What’s the big deal at acobay? Well, the fact is, knowing people around the world who shares the same interest that you have is the nicest things, knowing the tricks with the stuffs you both like, experiences, adventures, etc. That’s not stop from that, coz the deal is you will be able to show your stuffs around the world not just in your local community but across the globe in world wide web. Nice isn’t it? Also, by showing your stuffs through acobay, you could have another tool that will boosts your site traffic. Wonderful idea?

Well, go now at acobay and register. Its so easy to register, no email required, just like 3 minutes registration and viola you are now a member and start showing and share your stuffs and let your stuffs kicks their buts. A piece of advice is that be the best with your stuffs…

Money War

Is there really such thing as money war? Perhaps that would apply to those who are in the financial arena like banks, investment houses, stocks market, loans, acquisition of financial institutions. That's the place where money war takes place.

However it cannot be denied that even those who are not in the financial sencce like those families who do not have enough money for their daily needs, money plays an important role on their part. You could even say that they will fight in the name of money for reasons and circumstances which only them who can determine their limits in game of money war.

My point is, well I have to admit that money runs everything in this world, save those that are in the exemptions. People may die, but money won't die. People loss their dignity, but money won't. Play with money its lust would lure more and make it more valuable. Then its too late to realize that you have been deceived by money.

Hope we realize, the danger of money. Although at some point money may sustain life, but it can may kill lives, and still it cannot revived lives it killed. As they said, " money is the root of evil ", but the power and value of money coule be more valuable and more meaningful if it is in the hands of those who resists its temptation.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saving Money equals creating Money and Wealth

When is the right time to create and save money. Our Parents teaches us how to save money as early as our childhood. Financial experts will tell you that it's never too late to start savings. You can start at 21 or 41, the important things is to plan ahead. Global Financial Crunch affected so much of the world's investments. Because of what has happened and what will happen planning our financial future is critical and starts today.

A piece of advice is that saving a cents is just like saving and creating our wealth that we could use in the future during our retirement age...